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1: The 4 Steps To Getting Comfortable Outside Of The Comfort Zone

"Getting outside of your comfort zone is one of the biggest challenges! But it’s also the birthplace where the magic of life begins!"

In this episode, we talk about why getting outside of the comfort zone is important, the 3 things that need to happen in order to know you've REALLY ventured outside the Comfort Zone, and the 4 steps to begin making what's uncomfortable, comfortable!

2: The Secret To Breaking And Creating Habits In 4 Simple Steps

"We are an accumulation of the things we do consistently, therefore continual success is a well-designed habit."

In this episode, we discuss the importance of having good habits, why people don’t stick to those beneficial habits, and sharing tips on how to create new positive habits that lead to big results!

3: Creating Results - The 3 Steps To Influence Change

"The results you get will always in direct proportion to the responsibility taken for creating them."

In this episode, we are talking about results, looking at what stops people from getting the results they want, and sharing tips on how to become empowered and can control the results you get!

4: Combat Feeling Overwhelmed - 3 Simple Steps To Take Back Control

"When you have control of your mind, you have control of everything."

In this episode, we’ll be looking at what being overwhelmed really is, and sharing practical tips on how you begin to take control and clear your mind!

5: Negative Emotions - Their Purpose, How To Use & Release Them

"Emotions are the driving force behind everything you do. Mastering them is the key to master your life."

In this week's episode, we’ll be discussing the truth about negative emotions, why negative emotions are sometimes important, and when they aren’t important, how to let go of them.

6: Perfectionism Paradox - 4 Steps To Giving It Up

"The more willing you are to let go of perfection; the more perfect life will become."

Join us in this week's episode, where we’ll be discussing where perfectionism comes from, the two major types of perfectionism and the impact it has, and how you can begin to let go of it.

7: The Minds Code - Rewire The Brain To Change Reality In 4 Easy Steps

"The thoughts you have create your reality, your reality is everything."

In this week's episode, we’ll be discussing how our mind codes reality, the impact the codes you hold in Your mind have over the way you feel and how to change codes that aren’t serving you.

8: Why Change Is Hard - The 4 Essential Stages of Change

"Growth can be a challenge, change can be uncomfortable, nothing is worse than staying somewhere you don't want to be!"

Join us in this week's episode, where we’ll be discussing the 4 essential stages of change, why change feels so uncomfortable, the indicators that change is taking place, and how to stay on track when you feel like giving up.